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Hire a Ghost Writer for your Self-Help Book

Are you looking for a Professional Non-Fiction, Self-Help Ghostwriter?

I am a qualified medical doctor and a non-fiction writer.

My Area of expertise:
Self-Help: Motivational, Transformational, Self-improvement, Self-esteem, Spiritual, Stress Management, Happiness, Meditation, Overcoming Addiction & Limiting Beliefs, Breaking Habits, Beating Procrastination, Earning Money Online, Positive Psychology, NLP
Health, Fitness & Dieting- Etiology, Treatment and Prevention of Diseases, Role of Nutrition & Natural Cures,Alternative Medicine, Exercise, Weightloss, Management of Eldery, Malignancy undergoing chemotherapy, Diabetes, Hypertension, Alzheimer's

Religion & Spirituality- Islam, Atheism, Theology, Morality, Subjectivism,Nihilism, Sufism,Perrenialism, Life After Death, End of Times Prophecies, Logical Fallacies.

Current Affairs- Media War, Brainwashing, MK-Ultra, Rise of Zionism, New World Order, Conspiracies, Puppet Governments, World War, Terrorism, Illum…

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